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Post Up At Role/Reboot

Ozy has a post up at Role/Reboot about emotional abuse and also zir dating life! It has been entirely too long since zie got to post about dating people in public. (Twitter doesn’t count.)

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The Masculinization of Femme Stuff

(Hat tip to dreamwaffles.) Autostraddle and Ms. Blog have the news about an interesting new advertising sins and the latest mutation of femmephobia. I mean, kind of news. It’s from, erm, two months ago. Ozy is known for many things, but … Continue reading

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The Before Body

(Hat tip to Sociological Images.) Below the cut, we have a fascinating video in which a man becomes both the “before” and the “after” body for a weight-loss, muscle-gain ad– within only a few hours. To get the after body, he … Continue reading

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Another Repost At Good Men Project

For those who never read my long piece on libido here, it’s now up at the Good Men Project. It’s one of my favorite early articles, and worth a read.

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His Black Dress: Beyond The Limits Of Menswear

As a bit of a companion piece to my last post, I’d like to submit for your enjoyment His Black Dress, the blog of Mr. Spookshow, a fella who enjoys pushing the boundaries of what men are “allowed” to wear, … Continue reading

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Another Post Up At Good Men Project

GMP has published another of my NSWATM pieces, the one originally titled “A Fairy Tale Hero Is Something To Be”. Go enjoy, if you haven’t already.

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Open Thread, Ozy Is Alive and Stuff Edition

This Open Thread has been brought to you by Truth.

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