Help Save This Cat: Cat Saved!

The above cat is named Foxie. She’s got a loud purr, an extremely pettable coat, and a case of what the vet describes as “very treatable” cancer. Without treatment, the tumor in her sinus cavity will continue to slowly grow until it kills her. With treatment, she’s got plenty of life left in her.

I don’t like to try to “monetize” this blog or in any way take advantage of our great community of readers, but if you have even a couple bucks you can contribute to help pay for Foxie’s treatment, please do so. There’s a donation page set up, and in under a minute you can help save my cat. Thanks.

Edited Monday night: Holy shit! We met our goal! You all donated enough for her treatment in one freaking day! I am losing my mind with relief and gratitude over here. Thank all of you so, so much.

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24 Responses to Help Save This Cat: Cat Saved!

  1. Men's Rights Activist Lieutenant says:

    Do you see the name on my debit card?

  2. noahbrand says:

    @MRAL: A majority of the donations we’ve received so far have been anonymous. I have no way of knowing who they’re from. I’m sure you’ll be able to donate the same way. Thanks for asking, and I appreciate your interest in helping out. 🙂

  3. Men's Rights Activist Lieutenant says:

    Ok, sounds good, thanks.

  4. KJ says:

    In San Diego we have (at least) one organization that exists to help pet owners who don’t have the money to cover their pet’s expenses. There might be one in your locality.

    Since I am broker than broke, all I can offer is my most sincere well-wishing. And, gratitude for your consistently awesome blog posts. Please update us if/when you have news.

  5. RocketFrog says:

    I have donated a small amount; I wish I could donate more, but recently lost my job and am living off my savings until I find a new one.

    I hope she gets her treatment, recovers well and that she is a happy cat, apart from the headache she is probably having. :-/

  6. dreamwaffles says:

    Your kitty looks a lot like the one I rescued last fall, at least in face shape and expression. I gave what I could. ❤

  7. cloudiah says:

    Gave what I could too; wish I could do more. Good luck to the sweet kitty, and her caretaker(s)!

  8. granbee says:

    I just adopted another “throwaway” myself, or I would have a couple of bucks to spare here. Also,l I have no facility for paying for anything online. Prayers!

  9. Kari says:

    I’m getting error messages when I try to connect to the donation page. I hope this is because there’s so much traffic we crashed the site! I’ll keep checking back, though. I want to help.

  10. noahbrand says:

    @Kari: I was getting errors for a little bit too, but it seems to be working now. Thanks for being willing to help!

  11. BlackHumor says:

    As I check the page, you are exactly $20 away.

    So, hopefully it isn’t premature to say congratulations!

  12. cloudiah says:

    Yay, we did it! I donated in memory of Cookie and Twinkie, the “sugar twins” I lost a few years ago, and on behalf of Hazel and Buster, my new kittens. I hope Foxie does very well, and lives a good long life with you.

  13. LabRat says:

    And is this for all of her treatment, or just the surgery?

  14. guest says:

    This is a great blog, and therefore I’m sure that donating money here (unlike, say, donating to the Susan G. Komen fund) is actually going to go for something other than bling for the administrators. So go help this poor kitty.

  15. Velah says:

    such a sweet looking kitty 🙂 I hope she comes through ok

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  17. RocketFrog says:


    This might sound like a silly request, and an encouragement of off-topicness, but can you make an update here when she has received her treatment and you know if she recovers?

    (I have a weakness for sick animals.)

  18. kaija24 says:

    Hooray for kitties! Hooray for animal lovers 🙂 So glad to hear and help…I’m having a shitty day at work and getting warm fuzzies from you all restores my faith in humanity.

  19. Xakudo says:

    Hooray! I would have donated, except I just got paid today… and you’ve already met your goal. Which is a wonderful thing. My support goes to you in spirit anyway. 🙂

  20. Lanthir says:

    I’ve never even seen a picture of this cat before, but thank you all for saving her! I’ve been terribly worried, and feeling bad that I’m much too poor to spare any money right now.
    I’m so glad she’ll be okay!

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