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Dads Rock

Hat tip to Al Watts at Role/Reboot. So it seems that after 2 weeks of constant critique and polite disagreement Huggies have finally relented and changed that horrible dad ad of theirs from: “To prove Huggies diapers and wipes can … Continue reading

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Open Thread, Adrienne Rich Edition

This Open Thread has been brought to you by Adrienne Rich, the groundbreaking feminist poet and thinker, who died this week. A lot of people are going to be mourning the feminist theorist, author of Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence (which, … Continue reading

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Racialicious on Black Men and Sports

Racialicious hits it out of the park again with an article on black men and sports as a way of coping with their pain: Why is it that so many young black men still search for safety, solace, and a sense … Continue reading

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Intersectionality and Men of Color

Quote from a very interesting article linked in an Open Thread (hat tip to Matthew Swank): I also said that [the documentary] marginalizes MOC because for example, the women make 70-something cents per dollar thing (that white feminists *always* use) is … Continue reading

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Imprisonment and Men of Color

According to an article on AlterNet, the American criminal justice system is disturbingly raced and gendered to the detriment of men of color. 1 in every 15 black and 1 in every 36 Hispanic men in America are currently incarcerated. One in … Continue reading

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Monday Roundup

Noah Brand A whole bunch of new shit! Noah admits that he’s a racist. South Dakota has man camps full of breadwinning men. Legend of Korra episode is leaked. A task force is convened in Massachusetts on shared parenting. Ozy Frantz The … Continue reading

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The Knight/Beast Dichotomy

Trigger warning for rape.  A fascinating article at Sociology in Focus describes the male equivalent of the virgin/whore dichotomy: the protector/rapist dichotomy. Women in our society get classified as either virgins or whores– that is, as pure and perfect wife-and-mother-material … Continue reading

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