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Monday Roundup

Noah Brand At the Good Men Project: On the making of a good steak; a feminist fashion blog on male body issues; the US should get out of Afghanistan; New Hampshire ends court-appointed lawyers for people abused of child abuse … Continue reading

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Fear Of Music: “Realness” and Rock Vs. Pop

I apologize to any KISS fans out there, but I’ve never had much respect for Gene Simmons. From his constant philandering to his obnoxious Islamophobia, Simmons has always had an aura of sleaze in my book. So his recent takedown … Continue reading

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You Are Not A Trope

In the two decades (!) that I’ve been on the Internet, I have been branded racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynist, a rape apologist, a fundie and a Nice GuyTM. Oddly enough, I have also been called a faggot, a socialist, a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Seeking the Straight and Narrow

Recently, thanks to the fabulous Clarisse Thorn, the University of Chicago Press has sent me a whole bunch of books, which I shall now proceed to review! (I assume that all this is the University of Chicago’s attempt to apologize … Continue reading

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