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Aliaras is a giant nerd. Kinky, queer, and poly, she loves thinking about things and poking at them to see how they work. She’s currently in college learning the secrets of the universe (physics). While not arguing over the internet, she blows pixels up, draws, writes, cooks, and wanders around making the world a weirder place.

Your Occasional Gender-Essentialist Facepalmery

I seem to have a talent for coming across steaming piles of gender-essentialist fail. Three tidbits of this, in the semi-recent past: First off, today, Nature published a turd of a fiction article, “Womanspace”. I found this via a Google+ … Continue reading

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Holding on to the good: in praise of masculinity, femininity, and everything “normal”

As people interested in gender equality, we (justifiably!) spend a lot of time criticizing The Way Things Are. Which is great! Part of the way things are undeniably sucks, and could be better. However, in doing all this, we can … Continue reading

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Gendered Drinks and the Multiple Layers of “Privilege”

I really enjoyed this article on judging people’s alcoholic drink preferences. It points out some pointless gendered bullshit, which is great, but it also provides a nice little representative sample of one area of privilege. On the one hand, the … Continue reading

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And There Was Much Rejoicing

Remember this dreadful Got Milk? campaign? Well, it’s gone! Via NPR: Calif. Milk Board Dumps Controversial PMS Campaign. Now that’s a nice way to end a week.

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Moving Beyond Privilege

There’s this theory I’ve had for a while now, and it’s only crystallized over the past couple days as I’ve looked at a few different gender-related “privilege checklists”. So here goes: There exists a set of memes about men and … Continue reading

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Semi-Open Thread II: Consent

Commenters on my previous post requested a consent thread in which they could be on topic, so here it is. The discussion was about affirmative consent — is it practical? Should it be codified in law? In what ways? I’ll … Continue reading

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Wait, how can the missionary position be forceful?

TW here for graphic description of (consensual) violent sex. Relatedly, this post is not exactly SFW. So, on the Julian Assange case. I keep seeing people on the internet scoffing at the idea that he’s accused of using force on … Continue reading

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