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Ami’s (not so) daily dose of (very so) awesome :D

Just wanted to share this amazingly sweet and awesome story from this Tumblr you thought I didn’t really notice. But I did. I wanted to high-five you. Yesterday I had a pair of brothers in my store. One was maybe … Continue reading

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I just saw this ad play before I listened to a radio station online… WTF!? For those that don’t want to (or can’t) listen/watch… it’s an advertisment for a site called which is a coupon discount site for “men”. … Continue reading

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Open Thread: The NBA Lockout

The discussions that have gone on in the Derek Boogaard post have made me think of another topic that’s going on right now that applies also to players and how they are viewed and treated by fans, owners, etc… and … Continue reading

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How The Code helped kill the Boogeyman

Fall of the Boogeyman (Trigger Warnings: depression, drug addiction, alcoholism) This is a powerful and sad piece from Sportsnet magazine about the final days of Derek Boogaard, the New York Rangers enforcer who tragically died this summer due to painkillers … Continue reading

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Coolest. Athlete. Evar.

I was flipping through the new Sportsnet magazine and saw that picture and a brief description and was like OH MY GOD THAT’S AWESOME! 😀 Even more awesome cuz he’s like “THIS IS AWESOME!” and he’s not defensive or nething … Continue reading

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Annapolis Zachary’s Jewelers apparently thinks domestic violence is funny, let them know it’s not

I just blogged about this b/c I just saw it and it was SO FUCKING ENRAGING, but I think it should go here too. (I hope this is coherent, I’m v angry) Apparently this jewelry store thinks that domestic violence … Continue reading

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Progress in Sports Culture: Hazing on the decline in pro sports :3

Mod note: Criticizing Ami’s grammar or spelling is off-topic. Any comments that criticize Ami’s grammar or spelling will be deleted. In pro sports hazing is out of the shadows and on the wane – The Toronto Star “Hazing definitely has a … Continue reading

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A safe space project for cis and trans men, trans women and genderqueer individuals :] Also looking for input from those groups as well :) [Strictly Moderated]

Before I start, I want to thank NSWATM for supporting this project and for letting me to talk about it and hopefully for continuing to promote it in the future as well 😀 (I like to think of it as … Continue reading

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