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Obama administration Helpfully Illustrates How The Patriarchy Hurts Men

If you ever wondered how exactly the patriarchy hurts men, you’re in luck! The Obama administration has given us a clear-cut example. The article is about drone attacks in general, but the key paragraph reads as follows: “Mr. Obama … Continue reading

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Who Are Your Real-Life Heroes?

We are constantly bombarded with different messages of how to “be a man.” The phrase “Real Men do _____” is often used to shame men who don’t conform to this ideal. The fact is that we are making this up … Continue reading

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Can’t Geeks All Get Along?

(TW for mentions of violence, bullying and suicide) About a year and a half ago, a story broke about a little girl who was teased for having a Star Wars water bottle because Star Wars “is for boys.” The geek … Continue reading

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Broetry in motion

The humor section of most bookstores is the last place one would look for enlightened views on gender. From Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche to Everything Men Know About Women (SPOILER ALERT: it’s a blank book! Geddit?) humor books rival … Continue reading

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Where The Bis Aren’t (Possibly NSFW)

. In the days before the Internet, one could forgiven for not believing in the existence of male bisexuality. To be fair, there were some men who openly called themselves bi, but they were usually regarded as freaks, or “really” … Continue reading

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Fear Of Music: “Realness” and Rock Vs. Pop

I apologize to any KISS fans out there, but I’ve never had much respect for Gene Simmons. From his constant philandering to his obnoxious Islamophobia, Simmons has always had an aura of sleaze in my book. So his recent takedown … Continue reading

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You Are Not A Trope

In the two decades (!) that I’ve been on the Internet, I have been branded racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynist, a rape apologist, a fundie and a Nice GuyTM. Oddly enough, I have also been called a faggot, a socialist, a … Continue reading

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Heroine Worship: Men and Female Role Models

It’s been over 30 years, but I can still remember my first action figure. Breaking open the package to reveal the molded plastic beneath, making sure not to drop the accesories. I can still recall the white outfit contrasted by … Continue reading

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