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About Hershele Ostropoler

Hershele Ostropoler was a trickster folk hero in the 18th century Ukranian Jewish community. Today it is the superhero identity of a sarcastic Ashkenazi writer from Brooklyn who under his real name has been a sporadic contributor to a number of blogs, one of them entirely his. He has been cheeky to a then-mayor of New York.

Gender and orgasm

There’s a video going around the web* of a woman having in orgasm. Specifically, it’s footage of Kayt Sukel‘s brain as she climaxes in the cramped confinces of an fMRI machine. It’s interesting enough, judging by the stills, but it’s … Continue reading

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Things That are Not the Same

Inspired, a month and a half on, by other posts by my co-conspirators on language usage, I’ve been thinking about how we in the movement(s) so often talk past each other, without always immediately realizing it. We use the same … Continue reading

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Some of my Best Friends are Ladies

Like ranchers and farmers, men and women should be friends. More so, in fact, since men and women are not opposites or competitors (nor, indeed, mutually exclusive, or the whole story, but that’s for elsewhere). So I was gratified to … Continue reading

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This is What a Masculist Looks Like

Google Docs, which I’m composing this post in, does not recognize the word “masculist.” Nor does Chrome; nor does OpenOffice. It’s a new word, though not, I think, a new concept, and I think there’s room for it to become … Continue reading

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