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About Cheradenine

Cheradenine is yet another kinky poly thing — you’d think there was a production line — and a gender-egalitarian old enough to have been around when the country first elected a female leader. Living in the UK and yet to find a comfortable gender-descriptor (though “genderfluid” comes closest), Cheradenine spends much of life being either both or neither of things where “everybody knows” you have to be one or the other — and, in that vein, is neither a feminist nor a masculist, in the belief that human rights are not a team sport.

Why I Don’t Use The Word Patriarchy

(And You Probably Shouldn’t Either) This post is an appeal to feminists, of a particular kind, a kind I support: feminists who want equality for all, who want to see the world improved for everyone, regardless of how many X … Continue reading

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Education Fails Boys

There’s a nice bold statement to kick things off. What’s the evidence for this? Part 1: The Boring Statistics Bit If you’re short on time or attention span, you might want to skip to the infographic at the end of … Continue reading

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