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Kaija is a laissez fair straight woman and social democrat of the Scandinavian sort who enjoys passionate analytical discussion, good books, and odd people. She works at the intersection of life/physical sciences doing research in biophysics while stubbornly insisting on maintaining outside interests and activities in sports, performing arts, gaming, politics, gender issues, and social justice.

Planned Parenthood: Health Care For All

I was 17 when I went to Planned Parenthood.  No, I wasn’t pregnant and looking for abortion services, I hadn’t yet had sex, but I had a steady boyfriend–my first teenage relationship–and I was thinking about sex (quite a lot, … Continue reading

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Censorship and free speech in the blog world

Just to get this out there clearly and openly, “free speech” (in the US, and not everyone reading or posting is from the US) refers to the tenet that the government cannot censor your speech or forbid you from speaking … Continue reading

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