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TV Incredibly Sexist, Ozy Feels Need To Rant About This For Some Reason

While watching the Tim Burton flick Dark Shadows (it’s very Tim Burton), I was able to witness advertisements for new TV shows, because God forbid we have a single second in the theater where we’re not dying of advertisements. These … Continue reading

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Glenn Grothman: Still Biggest Asshole On the Planet

Regular readers may recall Glenn Grothman, the Wisconsin state senator awarded the position of the biggest asshole on the entire fucking planet. Well, he won’t let this status disappear! In fact, last month, he made a strong play to keep … Continue reading

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Where The Bis Aren’t (Possibly NSFW)

. In the days before the Internet, one could forgiven for not believing in the existence of male bisexuality. To be fair, there were some men who openly called themselves bi, but they were usually regarded as freaks, or “really” … Continue reading

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I Thought I’d Try The Swim Part: The Man Camps of North Dakota

Noah wrote about the “man camps” of North Dakota for the Good Men Project, but I decided I would talk about it as well, because it’s interesting. The quote that struck me the most within the NYT article was the … Continue reading

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Senator Glenn Grothman Is The Biggest Asshole On The Planet

(Hat tip to Monkey.) Rush Limbaugh, it’s time to retire. Rick Santorum, hang up your sweatervest. Thor, return home to Asgard. The come-from-behind dark-horse victor Senator Glenn Grothman has achieved the coveted trophy Biggest Douchebag on the Entire Planet. No, … Continue reading

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Anti-Intellectualism in Boy Scout Badges

Sociological Images has an interesting post on the gender differences between Boy Scout and Girl Scout manuals, one bit of which really sticks out to me. Interestingly, and in contrast, Denny also found that Boy, but not Girl Scout manuals taught … Continue reading

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Huffington Post on Teen Boys and Masculinity

The Huffington Post has an interesting new article about some research on the changing nature of masculinity for teenage boys in England. My primary reaction to the article? Holy shit, the good guys are winning. One of the biggest changes is … Continue reading

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Virginia School District Full of Shit

(Hat tip to Kink on Tap) So! There is this school district in Virginia with an innovative plan to prevent gender- and sexuality-based bullying! Are they going to encourage acceptance of all genders and sexual orientations? Provide counselling and other … Continue reading

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Census Bureau: Fathers Pretty Much Just Babysitters

Did you know that according to the Census Bureau fathers are just “child care”? It’s not baby-sitting when Daddy does it. Who wouldn’t agree with that? The U.S. Census Bureau, apparently. When both parents are present in the household, the … Continue reading

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Okay, Seriously, Why Is One of America’s Most Decent Politicians A Comedian?

We have two good pieces of American legislative news for you. First, the FBI has officially changed their definition of rape (used primarily for statistical purposes) to include male survivors and those who were raped non-forcibly or non-vaginally. Although still … Continue reading

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