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Valentine’s Day Non-Creepy Love Song Mix

As I’m sure you’re all aware, for every sweet, genuinely romantic love song out there in the world, there’s twelve Baby It’s Cold Outsides and Every Breath You Takes. Therefore, for this Valentine’s Day, Noah and I have decided to … Continue reading

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Occupy Valentine’s Day

Our post on hegemonic heterosexuality is proving popular, so I thought I’d provide a link to a site full of people who are fighting the hegemony by enjoying Valentine’s Day on… let’s say different terms. Enjoy!

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, honoring one of the leaders in the American civil rights movement. It is important to recall today that, despite the victories of the civil rights movement, racism against black people (along with racism … Continue reading

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Maybe We Should Call It Blatantsexism-mas

Thanks to Sociological Images, today we have a special holiday edition of Pictoral Evidence of Gender-Enforcement Against Men. Warning: lotsa pictures below the cut.

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Merry Christmas In Various Forms

I celebrate Christmas in a basically secular fashion, and so on Christmas Eve, I offer my traditional benediction. In every part of the world that has a serious winter, we find the same form of celebration. In the deepest, darkest … Continue reading

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Jimmy Kimmel’s I Gave My Kid A Terrible Present

Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to give their kids a “terrible present,” film their reactions, and post it on YouTube. Maybe I’m oversensitive, but I didn’t find this video funny at all: I actually thought it was horrifying. Imagine your parents … Continue reading

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This this this

I know, I’m probably the millionth friggin’ person to reblog this, but Christmas is coming up and it made me smile, and also tear up a little. This is what we’re fighting for. A world where people can love and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Gender Enforcement Jumble Sale

Thanksgiving: a time to gather with people you love, and try to remember why. As we gather with our families around tables groaning with food, we’re going to hear things that would have sounded retrograde in the 50s, and as … Continue reading

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Halloween Costumes

My Halloween costume this year is simple and inexpensive: Lex Luthor. The key components of this costume are a red silk tie in a full Windsor knot, because Luthor is the kind of asshole who always has to win every … Continue reading

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September 11th

Today is the tenth anniversary of September 11th. My thoughts are with the victims of September 11th and the soldiers and civilians who have died on both sides in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. May they all rest in … Continue reading

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