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TV Incredibly Sexist, Ozy Feels Need To Rant About This For Some Reason

While watching the Tim Burton flick Dark Shadows (it’s very Tim Burton), I was able to witness advertisements for new TV shows, because God forbid we have a single second in the theater where we’re not dying of advertisements. These … Continue reading

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Sex Offenders Banned From Internet?

Trigger warning for discussion of rape and mention of domestic violence and child abuse. The title of this AlterNet article is New Laws Banning Sex Offenders From Social Networks and Online Gaming May Go Too Far. …Really. Never would have … Continue reading

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Possible Male Birth Control?

In India right now, RISUG— the reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance– is undergoing Phase III clinical trials. If it ends up working out, RISUG would make a truly amazing contraceptive. It’s a “set it and forget it”contraceptive, like Depo … Continue reading

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Geek Pride and Social Justice

Hey, everyone, it’s been a while! I have been dealing with assorted Brain Issues, and I’ll probably be flaky as shit for a while because sometimes even remembering to eat is difficult and writing a post is damn near impossible. … Continue reading

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Virginity Loss and Teenage Boys

TW for brief mentions of rape. The CDC has recently released some interesting information about how teenagers lose their virginities, so it is time for a Ozy Reads A Bunch Of Stats and Comments On Them post! It’s been way … Continue reading

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Queer Men and Eating Disorders

I recently came across an interesting study about the risk of eating disorders among queer men. Queer men are much more likely than straight men to acquire eating disorders: the authors theorize that this is because queer men tend to prize … Continue reading

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Naomi Wolf: The State Can Strip You

Naomi Wolf has, lately, been rather facepalmy regarding the whole porn/sex/sex work issue, so it’s nice to see her actually talking about something that doesn’t make me want to look at my copy of The Beauty Myth and cry. Although … Continue reading

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Advertising Sins: From Cracked!

Via Cracked, we have the five most insulting ways products are advertised to men. I’m going to assume you’ve gone over there and read the article, on account of my article will be far more boring and lacking in dick … Continue reading

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Sexual Abuse in US Immigration Prisons

The USian Immigrations and Customs Enforcement service has recently revised the rules applying to immigrants detained and awaiting their deportation hearings. Most notably for me, they’ve strengthened the absolutely shit regulations regarding sexual abuse in detention. The Prison Rape Elimination … Continue reading

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Fuck Gawker Media

Trigger warning for rape apologism. From Gawker and Jezebel we have a horrific story of a woman who, after a consensual hookup, held a man prisoner in her apartment and forced him to have sex with her multiple times. Thankfully, the man … Continue reading

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