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TV Incredibly Sexist, Ozy Feels Need To Rant About This For Some Reason

While watching the Tim Burton flick Dark Shadows (it’s very Tim Burton), I was able to witness advertisements for new TV shows, because God forbid we have a single second in the theater where we’re not dying of advertisements. These … Continue reading

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Geek Pride and Social Justice

Hey, everyone, it’s been a while! I have been dealing with assorted Brain Issues, and I’ll probably be flaky as shit for a while because sometimes even remembering to eat is difficult and writing a post is damn near impossible. … Continue reading

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Cracked on Misogyny

Hat tip to Psychonomics. TW for brief mentions of rape. Cracked has recently presented an article about the five ways modern men are trained to hate women, as part of its latest bid to be Feministe’s more ableist, more prone … Continue reading

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Male Employment Hits Historic Lows

(Via Occupy Wall Street.) According to the Federal Reserve’s economic data, the rate of employment of men has hit historic lows— in fact, it’s at the lowest rate in more than sixty years. And women aren’t doing so well either. … Continue reading

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Sexual Harassment Policies On Campus

Recently, I was involved in an effort to revise my college’s sexual harassment, rape, and abuse policies, which means that I spent like eighty hours sitting in various rooms having meetings with people. (And also the policy is 100% gender-neutral … Continue reading

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Kay Hymowitz: Terrible Person or Worst Person?

Explaining what’s wrong with articles by Kay “guys should man up” Hymowitz is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel entirely full of salted herring. Nevertheless, I am in a ranty mood, so.

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Male Friendship

(hat tip to StartledOctopus) This is an interesting video from Sociological Images (no transcript available and I don’t want to write an transcript of an hour-and-a-half video, sorry) about how gender affects friendship, although the audience appeared more interested in … Continue reading

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Jimmy Kimmel’s I Gave My Kid A Terrible Present

Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to give their kids a “terrible present,” film their reactions, and post it on YouTube. Maybe I’m oversensitive, but I didn’t find this video funny at all: I actually thought it was horrifying. Imagine your parents … Continue reading

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I just saw this ad play before I listened to a radio station online… WTF!? For those that don’t want to (or can’t) listen/watch… it’s an advertisment for a site called which is a coupon discount site for “men”. … Continue reading

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Open Thread: The Disposable Male

A couple of people on the Memo to Feminism thread have been calling for an open thread on ideas of male expendability and the disposable male. So here it is! Have at it.

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