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Melissa Harris-Perry on Dress Codes for Black Safety

About a week ago on MSNBC (look, I am totally awesome at Breaking News), the fabulous Melissa Harris-Perry presented a list of guidelines for clothing for black male safety. Finally, black men everywhere will know exactly how to dress to … Continue reading

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On Trayvon Martin

The Million Hoodie March in protest of the death of Trayvon Martin was today, so it’s a good opportunity to reflect on the injustice of his death. The details of Trayvon’s death are simple: Trayvon Martin, carrying Skittles and an … Continue reading

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Hard-Hitting Piece On Male Rape At Feministe

I’m often frustrated by some of the issue coverage at Feministe, though I also envy some of the excellent writing they’ve got. This piece by Jill, however, is an unequivocal condemnation of the rape of men in the U.S. prison … Continue reading

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Football Coach Bullies Own Students

Got any spare faith in humanity lying around? (Warning: Link goes to the Faily Heil, which nevertheless seems to have pretty good coverage.) Pat Lynch, football coach at Buffalo High School, Wyoming, gave his players a “Hurt Feelings Report” to … Continue reading

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Strictly Moderated: Transgender Day of Remembrance 2011 (TW for discussion of violence and transphobia)

Mod Note: Don’t be an asshole. If you wouldn’t say it at a funeral, don’t say it here. Today is a sombre day for many transfolk and their families and friends, because we remember those people who were killed or … Continue reading

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Getting Involved in Sexual Violence Work While Male

If you’ve been around the blogosphere for longer than five minutes, you may have noticed recurring discussions on sexual violence and feminist related blogs related to the need for men need to step up and take a bigger role in … Continue reading

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Strictly Moderated: #MenCallMeThings

Mod Note: If your comment takes the form “this is the Internet, everyone experiences harassment”, “these women should just suck it up when people send them rape threats”, “everything Sady Doyle has ever done is now invalid because she said some unwise, inflammatory things on … Continue reading

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