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Why I Love Weird Porn

A note: as a courtesy, most of the esoteric terminology in this article will not be clarified with links. Google is your friend, but be aware that you’re rolling the dice; some of these things will be disturbing or upsetting … Continue reading

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Libidos, Assumptions, and Miscommunication

So I was reading this lovely Charlie Glickman piece about listening to Robert Jensen give a talk about how porn is a guy thing that’s bad for men, and how his own reaction to much of it was utter WTF. … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Cool Links

1) Dar Williams’s When I Was A Boy is one of the most powerful anti-gender-roles songs I’ve ever heard– and it includes a bonus criticism of femmephobia: And so I tell the man I’m with about the other life I … Continue reading

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I Swear I’m Not Just Trying To Make This Blog About Sex

No, seriously, I swear. I know that there are a lot of issues facing men today that are very serious and important and are located places other than our trousers. But COME THE FUCK ON. That charming apparatus is called … Continue reading

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Cock Tales: A Call For Submissions

A very cool lady named Kimberly, a fan of our little blog, has contacted us with a proposal so fun it has little anime-sparklies dancing in my eyes: The philosophy behind Cock Tales is simple. The artistic world is filled … Continue reading

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Masturbation’s Okay If You Don’t Get Into It

In my usual drunken wanderings through links my friends post, I was alerted to this article on about a guy considering buying a Fleshlight. (Second link visibly NSFW.) Now, I’ll be clear, I don’t actually know the article’s author, … Continue reading

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Wait, how can the missionary position be forceful?

TW here for graphic description of (consensual) violent sex. Relatedly, this post is not exactly SFW. So, on the Julian Assange case. I keep seeing people on the internet scoffing at the idea that he’s accused of using force on … Continue reading

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Oh, Naomi Wolf

The post title is seriously the only reaction I can muster to Naomi Wolf’s recent article “Is pornography driving men crazy?” Just “Oh, honey.” I mean, what else is there to say? Okay, you could do a thorough analysis of … Continue reading

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Semi-Open Thread: Gettin’ Laid

In a lot of discussions in the comments of late, things have turned to the topic of gettin’ laid. There are some nasty memes about both genders — men are just looking for a warm hole to stick it in, … Continue reading

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Marvelous post on sexual submissiveness

Clarisse Thorn makes a good point, as she is prone to doing. Don’t have a huge amount to add here; she makes a compelling argument and backs it up with good links. Short version: the perception that “women are all … Continue reading

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