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Who Are Your Real-Life Heroes?

We are constantly bombarded with different messages of how to “be a man.” The phrase “Real Men do _____” is often used to shame men who don’t conform to this ideal. The fact is that we are making this up … Continue reading

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Spider-Pram, Spider-Pram, Does Whatever A Spider Can

Fuck yeah Sweden! The Swedish toy company Leklust (note: site is in Swedish) has in its new catalog reversed the traditional gender roles in its pictures, including showing the world’s most adorable Spider-Man pushing a pram:

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Fifties Purity Advice

For a class, I had to scan several pages of a 1957 sexuality advice guide for Protestant engaged and married couples. I figured that while I had them scanned I might as well share them with the general public. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Heroine Worship: Men and Female Role Models

It’s been over 30 years, but I can still remember my first action figure. Breaking open the package to reveal the molded plastic beneath, making sure not to drop the accesories. I can still recall the white outfit contrasted by … Continue reading

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Dandy Portraits: The Outer Limits Of Menswear

I have, of course, spoken before about the possibilities and limitations of men’s permissible formal wear. As I said then, there are places you can take the suit that few ever dare to go, or in some cases few can … Continue reading

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I’ll Show Them All

In fiction, one often runs across villains who want to literally end the world. Destroy all humanity, wipe everything out, bam. No more people, no more civilization. As a boy, I didn’t really understand this impulse; I mean, what’s to … Continue reading

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You Keep Using That Word… I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

Pardon my language, but Jesus H. ass-blasting Christ buggering Buddha in the cheap seats at Wimbledon. This is the cover of the latest issue of New York magazine: Yes, that says “The Emasculation of Wall Street”. WHY does it say … Continue reading

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A Journey To Nice Guy Syndrome With Jonathan Coulton

Like a lot of pasty white people who have strong opinions about comic book continuity, I enjoy the music of Jonathan Coulton. I like that he’s a nerd musician whose work contains enough conceptual depth of craft to stand up … Continue reading

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Spam Messages On Dating Sites

Here in the Weird Alternate Future, the internet has proven, despite its serious problems, to be something of a gender leveller. Yeah, there’s a lot of ingrained sexism in internet culture, but it’s not like that’s somehow absent in meatspace … Continue reading

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Feministe on the Hotness of Gender-Non-Conforming Men

Rebecca Katherine Hirsch, guest-blogging at Feministe, has a really awesome post on the hotness of gender-non-conformity. Quotes and commentary and stuff below the cut.

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