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Ten Responses to Man Up

I recently found this brilliant piece by Guante, a hip-hop artist and two-time National Poetry Slam champion, and felt like sharing it with everyone. Transcript from his website below the cut.

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Hoisting Petards and the Patriarchy

Have you ever heard the phrase “hoist by his own petard”? As in the sentence “Newt Gingrich was hoist by his own petard: his general douchebaggery has probably cost him the presidency”? Do you have any idea what a petard … Continue reading

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Ozy’s Law

Ozy and I were talking over what we’ve learned from hashing gender issues out on this blog, how writing about things has clarified our thinking, what answers we’ve been able to glean, what we’ve learned from discussing these matters with … Continue reading

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Things That are Not the Same

Inspired, a month and a half on, by other posts by my co-conspirators on language usage, I’ve been thinking about how we in the movement(s) so often talk past each other, without always immediately realizing it. We use the same … Continue reading

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Holding on to the good: in praise of masculinity, femininity, and everything “normal”

As people interested in gender equality, we (justifiably!) spend a lot of time criticizing The Way Things Are. Which is great! Part of the way things are undeniably sucks, and could be better. However, in doing all this, we can … Continue reading

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This is What a Masculist Looks Like

Google Docs, which I’m composing this post in, does not recognize the word “masculist.” Nor does Chrome; nor does OpenOffice. It’s a new word, though not, I think, a new concept, and I think there’s room for it to become … Continue reading

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Axiomatically Speaking

We’re all familiar with the phenomenon. You’re arguing with some jerk in the comments section of a blog, and judging by responses, all your carefully crafted, brilliantly logical arguments seem like they’re coming out in the twilight zone, where they … Continue reading

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Who Cares About Men’s Rights?

I do. I care about every boy that was ever called a fag or a pussy or a sissy for being emotional, or sensitive, or unathletic, or just not manly enough. I care about the boys who are afraid they’ll lose their … Continue reading

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