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TV Incredibly Sexist, Ozy Feels Need To Rant About This For Some Reason

While watching the Tim Burton flick Dark Shadows (it’s very Tim Burton), I was able to witness advertisements for new TV shows, because God forbid we have a single second in the theater where we’re not dying of advertisements. These … Continue reading

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Dads Rock

Hat tip to Al Watts at Role/Reboot. So it seems that after 2 weeks of constant critique and polite disagreement Huggies have finally relented and changed that horrible dad ad of theirs from: “To prove Huggies diapers and wipes can … Continue reading

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Harrowing Video About Male Abuse Survivor

(Hat tip to n1l0c2501.) Trigger warning for explicit depictions of abuse. Minor spoilers for the short film Life’s Poison, embedded at the bottom of the post.   I was recently pointed to Life’s Poison, a powerful short film made for the … Continue reading

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Private Practice First Show On Television to Have a Male Military Survivor of Rape

Trigger warning for rape and spoilers for the February 2nd episode of Private Practice.  The hospital drama Private Practice has broken new ground for the representation of male survivors on television: they are the very first show on television to … Continue reading

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This Is What I’m Talking About

Remember when I said I had a good deal more to say about hegemonic heterosexuality? I hope you didn’t think I was kidding. Look, I downright love SMBC Theater. Never mind that they’re nerdy, progressive, and innovative, they did the … Continue reading

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The New York Times Is Made Of Fail

I have been sitting on this for a couple days and attempting to find some way to relate it to The Dudez, but I simply can’t. Nevertheless, it is so idiotic I feel the need to share it with everyone, so … Continue reading

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