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The Modesty Doctrine

(You may be like “hey, where is Monday Roundup, that was my favorite part of the week?” If so, you are weird. Also, neither Noah or Ozy has much of anything new this week, as we were both busy. Noah’s … Continue reading

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Good Sex

Early to Bed has an interesting article about hot sex without a hard-on which led me to think about what “good sex” means. Our culture has some fucked-up ideas about what good sex is like. The woman is young and thin … Continue reading

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Fifties Purity Advice

For a class, I had to scan several pages of a 1957 sexuality advice guide for Protestant engaged and married couples. I figured that while I had them scanned I might as well share them with the general public. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Purity Balls

Hat tip to Christa. So, purity balls! Purity balls are gross. I don’t think I know a single feminist who doesn’t think that purity balls are gross. It takes what is actually a kind of lovely idea (a dad and … Continue reading

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The Knight/Beast Dichotomy

Trigger warning for rape.  A fascinating article at Sociology in Focus describes the male equivalent of the virgin/whore dichotomy: the protector/rapist dichotomy. Women in our society get classified as either virgins or whores– that is, as pure and perfect wife-and-mother-material … Continue reading

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Someone Is Wrong On The Internet

I’ve had a bad couple days, so I’ve decided that there’s exactly one solution: find an idiot on the Internet and call them stupid until I feel better. Today’s idiot comes to us courtesy of the PJ Lifestyle, offering up 7 Mistakes … Continue reading

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Clarisse Thorn’s New PUA Ebook

Just in time for International Women’s Day, badass feminist and Friend of NSWATM Clarisse Thorn‘s first book, Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser, is available on Kindle. I was lucky enough to be able to read an early copy. Originally, when … Continue reading

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