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Clarisse Thorn’s New PUA Ebook

Just in time for International Women’s Day, badass feminist and Friend of NSWATM Clarisse Thorn‘s first book, Confessions of a Pickup Artist Chaser, is available on Kindle. I was lucky enough to be able to read an early copy. Originally, when … Continue reading

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You Keep Using That Word… I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

Pardon my language, but Jesus H. ass-blasting Christ buggering Buddha in the cheap seats at Wimbledon. This is the cover of the latest issue of New York magazine: Yes, that says “The Emasculation of Wall Street”. WHY does it say … Continue reading

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The Lorax

The Lorax is one of my favorite books: I actually have a copy signed by Dr. Seuss. So I am generally inclined to be in favor of any movie versions of it, because I apparently do not learn from experience … Continue reading

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A Fairy Tale Hero Is Something To Be

The damage of the “success object” imagery around men is pervasive and complex, so bear with me. It’s going to look like I’m just talking about fiction for the first while. There’s a jillion movies about Robin Hood out there, … Continue reading

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Disney Masculinity

This is an extremely interesting video about masculinity in Disney films.

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Ideal Vs. Real In Attraction

So I’m reading this post on Jezebel about increasing cultural acceptance of the female gaze, and it’s got an interesting line in it: For example, many men don’t realize that their girlfriends might lust after Lautner or Gosling — and … Continue reading

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The Kipling Effect

We all have art that we enjoy as art, but deplore as ideology. This sometimes creates a serious cognitive dissonance that I refer to as the Kipling Effect. I cite Kipling because he’s such a clear example. He was, legitimately, … Continue reading

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I just saw this ad play before I listened to a radio station online… WTF!? For those that don’t want to (or can’t) listen/watch… it’s an advertisment for a site called which is a coupon discount site for “men”. … Continue reading

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Last Man Standing

There is exactly one circumstance in which I will watch Tim Allen’s new TV show, Last Man Standing. That circumstance is if I managed to recruit my cool gender egalitarian friends to have a drinking game where we would take … Continue reading

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Alan Grayson Gets It

Speaking, as we were in the suit thread, of men in sharp ties: Alan Grayson is rocking a very bold tie choice, and more importantly, rocking the Getting It on the economy and the 99% movement. If I were his … Continue reading

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