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We here at No, Seriously, What About Teh Menz? encourage an open discussion of gender issues. Respectful sharing of dissenting opinions is welcomed, as you can tell by the often… passionate… nature of our comment section. However, we do have a few rules to keep things in line.

Some behavior will earn you an automatic ban. including violent threats, sockpuppeting (abuse of multiple accounts to create the appearance of multiple users), and revealing the real identity, or any personal information that they did not consent to have revealed, of any commenter or contributor.

Other behavior will get you warned and then banned:

1) Insulting a contributors or commenters. If you must insult someone, insult general groups or public figures, not specific people who comment on NSWATM.
2) Please try to stay vaguely on-topic. We know that comment threads tend to wander into other topics, and mostly that’s fine. However, if a thread goes too far afield, we may ask you to take the topic into the weekly Open Thread. If you continue to post on that topic on the non-Open Thread, your comments will be summarily deleted.
2a) Certain people have a tendency to bring up their favorite topic in relation to everything, no matter how tangential. NSWATM has, so far, mostly dealt with people who want to relate every problem to the evils of feminism: however, similar people exist about vaccination denial, ending the Fed, et cetera. We call this tendency “Ahabing” or “Moby
Dicking.” If you have noticed a tendency towards Moby Dickery in yourself, you are welcome to discuss your topic, but please keep it to the Open Thread, and not to other threads to which it is only barely related.
3) We have a lot of abuse and rape survivors on this blog. Therefore, this is a zero-tolerance space for rape apologism, abuse apologism, victim-blaming or criticizing the coping mechanisms of particular abuse or rape survivors.
4) Please steer clear of sexist, racist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic or other slurs. Not only does this make the comment space safer for everyone, but it also greatly decreases your chance of getting caught in the spam filter.
5) Bringing in debates from other blogs to this blog, or discussing the relative merits of another blog (assuming that is not the actual subject of the post) is off-topic, including on the Open Thread. Taking it to the next bar over is not taking it outside; we are not a dueling ground, and we are not the appropriate place to sort out who said what to whom back in 2008 and why so-and-so is just soooo mean. Please leave your grudgematches at the door.

Some posts — such as those concerning personal accounts of rape survivors, violence, etc. — will be marked “Strictly Moderated.” Intolerant, attacking, abusive, derailing, oppressive, hostile, or otherwise inappropriate comments will not be tolerated under any circumstances, particularly when directed against those sharing their own stories. This is to create and preserve a safe space for discussion.

Also: this is a social-justice-oriented blog, primarily run by feminists. If the term “feminist” gives you the vapors or you believe that white straight cis American middle-class men are the most oppressed in all of the ever, you may want to consider finding a different blog.

11 Responses to Comment Policy

  1. The Blytonly Obvious says:

    Is there an off-blog webmail address i can write you at?

  2. doctormindbeam says:

    Yes. What’s it regarding, first, please?

  3. The Blytonly Obvious says:

    I was going to ask whether you knew of any resources for intersexed people. I have an intersex condition which i really did not want to talk about in a blog comment

  4. Cheradenine says:

    I’d recommend as a good resource. And if you’d like us to remove these posts for your privacy, we can do that.

  5. The Blytonly Obvious says:

    thanks. Its Ok. I’m sorry for taking up your time. Is there any mailing lists that I can join. My university’s student guild was almost destroyed by conservative students a year or two ago – they abolished the womans officer and the LGBTI officer and the guild still hasnt recovered

  6. Cheradenine says: lists english-speaking intersex organisations in various countries, hopefully they’ll be able to help out.

  7. Sheala says:

    Is there a way that commentators should alert mods to posts that violate the comment policy?

  8. doctormindbeam says:

    Yes; please send us a message.

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  10. SonOfRyan says:

    Cheradenine and Doctormindbeam, you both keep reffering to yourselves as “us,” are you a hivemind collective like the Borg or the Zerg? If so, can you regenerate from laser blasts? If the answer to the second is correct, can i join? (But seriously, I wanted to say good job on a really reasonable rules-set)

  11. ozymandias42 says:

    And Ozymandias! I am also part of the hivemind, you know. I founded the hivemind.

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