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Good Sex

Early to Bed has an interesting article about hot sex without a hard-on which led me to think about what “good sex” means. Our culture has some fucked-up ideas about what good sex is like. The woman is young and thin … Continue reading

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Melissa Harris-Perry on Dress Codes for Black Safety

About a week ago on MSNBC (look, I am totally awesome at Breaking News), the fabulous Melissa Harris-Perry presented a list of guidelines for clothing for black male safety. Finally, black men everywhere will know exactly how to dress to … Continue reading

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On Good Consent, Part One

Personally, I use “good consent” rather than “enthusiastic consent.” Enthusiastic consent is a problematic term. Lots of people consent to sex without enthusiasm for the sex itself: sex workers, people who enjoy pleasing their partners even when they don’t desire … Continue reading

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The Right to Say No

Feministe has been posting recently about men who don’t like particular sex acts, namely, period sex and cunnilingus. Everyone has the right to say no. This includes men. For what it was worth, I think Jill did make a gesture towards there … Continue reading

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