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Open Thread: The Super Bowl

I would have totally attempted to write a post about football and sports culture today, in honor of ┬áthe Super Bowl, and then I realized that I know approximately nothing about football. Apparently there’s tackling involved and something called a … Continue reading

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Brain Injuries Undetected in America’s Military

ProPublica (which is awesome investigative journalism! Send them money! Unless you don’t have money, in which case don’t!) has been running a series called Brain Wars: How The Military Is Failing Its Wounded. Traumatic brain injuries are the “signature injury” … Continue reading

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Open Thread: The Disposable Male

A couple of people on the Memo to Feminism thread have been calling for an open thread on ideas of male expendability and the disposable male. So here it is! Have at it.

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Guernica Magazine Expose: Burn Pits Dangerous to Soldiers, Civilians

Guernica Magazine runs an interesting article on burn pits, open dump sites used to dispose of waste in Afghanistan, and the health problems that may result from their use for both soldiers and Afghani civilians. Veterans Administration and private physicians … Continue reading

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