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Melissa Tempel Is Doing It Right

This inspiring article has been Tumblred and Facebooked and [whatever else you damn kids do when you’re not on my lawn] all over the place, and with good cause. It’s by a kindergarten teacher who’s taking simple, common-sense, nonthreatening steps … Continue reading

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Jonathan Kay and The Exciting Adventure Into The Land of Confounding Variables

Admittedly I have only read one article by Jonathan Kay. For all I know, he’s won Nobel Prizes in multiple disciplines in his spare time from writing Pulitzer-Prize-winning articles about the national debt, programming open-source software, working as a UN translator and directing … Continue reading

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Education Fails Boys

There’s a nice bold statement to kick things off. What’s the evidence for this? Part 1: The Boring Statistics Bit If you’re short on time or attention span, you might want to skip to the infographic at the end of … Continue reading

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“Women, Be Safe!” vs “Rapists, Don’t Rape!”

So, there’s this raging debate and this big divide on the question of “How should we be proactive about the problem of rape/sexual assault of women?”  People fall in two camps – those who think that the reality of rape … Continue reading

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Who Cares About Men’s Rights?

I do. I care about every boy that was ever called a fag or a pussy or a sissy for being emotional, or sensitive, or unathletic, or just not manly enough. I care about the boys who are afraid they’ll lose their … Continue reading

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