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Senator Glenn Grothman Is The Biggest Asshole On The Planet

(Hat tip to Monkey.) Rush Limbaugh, it’s time to retire. Rick Santorum, hang up your sweatervest. Thor, return home to Asgard. The come-from-behind dark-horse victor Senator Glenn Grothman has achieved the coveted trophy Biggest Douchebag on the Entire Planet. No, … Continue reading

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Somebody Please Think For The Children

One argument one hears a lot, especially when it comes to bullshit gender enforcement, is “But it will confuse the children!” We heard it about gay marriage (“Children won’t understand how someone can have two daddies or two mommies!”) and … Continue reading

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No, Really, Not All Men Are Pedophiles

I’m a bit late to the party on Jenna Myers Karvunidis, on account of I had to wait until I could write an article about this that wasn’t just RAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH. Karvundis posted an article to her blog about how she refused to … Continue reading

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Sexism Against Men: A Pictoral Tour

(Hat tip to This Is Hysteria and Sociological Images.) Warning, lotsa pictures after the cut, people with crappy computers beware.

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Women’s Media Center On The Masculine Mystique

Suzanne Levine, a nationally recognized authority on the choices women make as they age, writes an article for the Women’s Media Center about what she calls “the masculine mystique”:

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Paternity Leave Increases in South Korea

(Hat tip to startledoctopus.) Great news from South Korea! The number of fathers taking time off work to take care of their children is increasing as parental leave becomes accepted in Korea. According to the Ministry of Employment and Labor … Continue reading

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