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Niagara Falls High School Student Ordered To Remove Heels

(Hat tip to Womanist Musings.) Maye showed up one day at his Niagara Falls high school in red stilettos. Not even one period into the school day, the teachers ordered him to take his high heels off. Maye refused, saying that … Continue reading

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Strictly Moderated: #MenCallMeThings

Mod Note: If your comment takes the form “this is the Internet, everyone experiences harassment”, “these women should just suck it up when people send them rape threats”, “everything Sady Doyle has ever done is now invalid because she said some unwise, inflammatory things on … Continue reading

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Holding on to the good: in praise of masculinity, femininity, and everything “normal”

As people interested in gender equality, we (justifiably!) spend a lot of time criticizing The Way Things Are. Which is great! Part of the way things are undeniably sucks, and could be better. However, in doing all this, we can … Continue reading

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Laura Ingraham Is A Fuckwit

I now present, for your WTFing pleasure, the works of one Ms. Laura Ingraham on the subject of whether men ought to have purses.   In their mission to erase all vestiges of masculinity once and for all, the fashion mavens … Continue reading

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