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Advertising Sins: From Cracked!

Via Cracked, we have the five most insulting ways products are advertised to men. I’m going to assume you’ve gone over there and read the article, on account of my article will be far more boring and lacking in dick … Continue reading

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The Masculinization of Femme Stuff

(Hat tip to dreamwaffles.) Autostraddle and Ms. Blog¬†have the news about an interesting new advertising sins and the latest mutation of femmephobia. I mean, kind of news. It’s from, erm, two months ago. Ozy is known for many things, but … Continue reading

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Virginia School District Full of Shit

(Hat tip to Kink on Tap) So! There is this school district in Virginia with an innovative plan to prevent gender- and sexuality-based bullying! Are they going to encourage acceptance of all genders and sexual orientations? Provide counselling and other … Continue reading

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Today, I discovered the existence of something called “brotox,” the apparent new trend of men getting Botox and other cosmetic surgeries. I say “apparent,” because if you actually dig for the sources of the information, you’ll discover that, while the … Continue reading

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Niagara Falls High School Student Ordered To Remove Heels

(Hat tip to¬†Womanist Musings.) Maye showed up one day at his Niagara Falls high school in red stilettos. Not even one period into the school day, the teachers ordered him to take his high heels off. Maye refused, saying that … Continue reading

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Maybe We Should Call It Blatantsexism-mas

Thanks to Sociological Images, today we have a special holiday edition of Pictoral Evidence of Gender-Enforcement Against Men. Warning: lotsa pictures below the cut.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s I Gave My Kid A Terrible Present

Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to give their kids a “terrible present,” film their reactions, and post it on YouTube. Maybe I’m oversensitive, but I didn’t find this video funny at all: I actually thought it was horrifying. Imagine your parents … Continue reading

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