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Hegemonic Heterosexuality

We’ve talked before about hegemonic masculinity, the constant societal drumbeat of nonsense about what a man is supposed to be. Tall, successful, competitive, into sports, violent, et cetera ad nauseam. What I’ve been thinking about lately is how this fits … Continue reading

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Melissa Tempel Is Doing It Right

This inspiring article has been Tumblred and Facebooked and [whatever else you damn kids do when you’re not on my lawn] all over the place, and with good cause. It’s by a kindergarten teacher who’s taking simple, common-sense, nonthreatening steps … Continue reading

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Kurt Vonnegut vs. My Mom: Girls Are Dumb

Beware what books you read when you’re fourteen. Wait… just about everyone reading this is long past fourteen. Too late, then. When I was fourteen, I read Jailbird, by Kurt Vonnegut, and it remains perhaps my favorite of his novels. … Continue reading

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The Beauty Myth And The Success Myth: Ozy’s Law In Action

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I was talking with my brother, and we were bemoaning something I’ve bemoaned with other men on many occasions: the bloody impossibility of convincing the women we love that they’re beautiful. Those with a woman that they … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Gender Enforcement Jumble Sale

Thanksgiving: a time to gather with people you love, and try to remember why. As we gather with our families around tables groaning with food, we’re going to hear things that would have sounded retrograde in the 50s, and as … Continue reading

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Masculine Lore

On a recent open thread, Ozy posted a picture of her “steampunk rakish dandy” costume as an example of “what sluts wear on Halloween”. I was deeply offended. Speaking as a rakish dandy, I feel that this costume misrepresents my … Continue reading

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Somebody Please Think For The Children

One argument one hears a lot, especially when it comes to bullshit gender enforcement, is “But it will confuse the children!” We heard it about gay marriage (“Children won’t understand how someone can have two daddies or two mommies!”) and … Continue reading

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Social Justice 101 Part Ozy Has Lost Count: Social Construction!

(Sorry for the giant break in this series… life happened!) People are often seriously confused about social construction. Socially constructed things are not less real than non-socially-constructed things. Money is a social construct: if everyone woke up one morning and … Continue reading

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A Fantastic Critique of Hanna Rosin’s “The End of Men”

Following on from Noah’s link to Linda Holmes’ piece about how the new American network TV season is a flood of eye-searing misandry like How to be a¬†Gentlemen, Man Up and Last Man Standing: Quiet Riot Girl gives her take … Continue reading

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A Christian Writes About Sexual Damage

Trigger warning for sexual mutilation and rape. Linksurfing around, I came across this remarkable and moving little memoir about growing up in¬† a household where the parents followed the teachings of a particularly popular fundamentalist guru with a real fixation … Continue reading

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