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My Thoughts on Choosing your Sexuality

In a recent interview for the New York Times, former Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon made some comments about her sexuality being a choice. This angered many in the gay community, who believe she is playing into the … Continue reading

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Exploring Misandry in Video Games: Part 2, Do I really have to play as this jerk?

(See told you I’d come back to this) Edit: Here’s part 1 if anyone is interested    thank you to Tumbleweed in the comments for reminding me. I believe that characterisation is one of those pesky things modern gaming is … Continue reading

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The XY Movement is Awesome

Hat Tip to Mark Simpson Rapper DPhill Spanglish Man is a on a mission to blur the lines between genders and look good while doing it. He’s started what he likes to call the XY movement, I think it sounds … Continue reading

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Social Justice 101 Part Ozy Has Lost Count: Social Construction!

(Sorry for the giant break in this series… life happened!) People are often seriously confused about social construction. Socially constructed things are not less real than non-socially-constructed things. Money is a social construct: if everyone woke up one morning and … Continue reading

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Triggery Example of How Harsher False-Reporting Laws Increase the Likelihood of False Reports of Sexual Assault

Note: This post contains graphic quotes from a newspaper article about things a serial rapist did to some of his victims.  If that bothers you you’ll want to skip this post. You know that often-cited statistic that half of all … Continue reading

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Sex, Gender, Presentation, Sexual Orientation

The discussion on Andrej Pejic made me think of the distinction between gender, sex, presentation and sexuality, and I decided to toss out a quick post explaining the differences. Obviously, we are all Advanced Gender Warriors here, saving the Internet … Continue reading

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This is What a Masculist Looks Like

Google Docs, which I’m composing this post in, does not recognize the word “masculist.” Nor does Chrome; nor does OpenOffice. It’s a new word, though not, I think, a new concept, and I think there’s room for it to become … Continue reading

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