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What Men Like In Bed

Noah posted yesterday on hegemonic heterosexuality and the Cult of Shitty Relationships. In this post I’d like to pick out one thread of it to discuss. Specifically, the archetypical, hegemonic idea of what men want in bed. I was prompted … Continue reading

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Getting Off Part One: Male Sexuality as Degrading

Moderation Note: In this thread, please refer to the ideas of “Jensen” or “sex-negative feminists,” not the ideas of “feminists” or “the feminist movement.”┬áSex-positive feminism has been a major force in the feminist movement for several decades now and it’s … Continue reading

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Wait, how can the missionary position be forceful?

TW here for graphic description of (consensual) violent sex. Relatedly, this post is not exactly SFW. So, on the Julian Assange case. I keep seeing people on the internet scoffing at the idea that he’s accused of using force on … Continue reading

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