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Dads Rock

Hat tip to Al Watts at Role/Reboot. So it seems that after 2 weeks of constant critique and polite disagreement Huggies have finally relented and changed that horrible dad ad of theirs from: “To prove Huggies diapers and wipes can … Continue reading

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Private Practice First Show On Television to Have a Male Military Survivor of Rape

Trigger warning for rape and spoilers for the February 2nd episode of Private Practice.  The hospital drama Private Practice has broken new ground for the representation of male survivors on television: they are the very first show on television to … Continue reading

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Dr. Pepper Ten

The new advertising campaign for Dr. Pepper Ten prompts some serious questions. For instance: Did Dr. Pepper Ten’s market research suggest that it really needed shoring up in the sexist douchebag demographic? How the hell can a calorie be manly? … Continue reading

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Why “Horrible Bosses” is a Step Forward for Masculists

Just a note on comedy before I begin – although I love to laugh as much as the next person, I hesitate to say that I enjoy “comedies” when describing my taste in movies, because so many of them lately … Continue reading

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