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Psychiatric Drug Abuse In The Army On The Rise

The LA Times (TW on the link for explicit descriptions of psychotic breaks) has found that the US army troops are more and more medicated with prescription psychiatric drugs. After two long-running wars with escalating levels of combat stress, more than … Continue reading

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Someone Is Wrong On The Internet

I’ve had a bad couple days, so I’ve decided that there’s exactly one solution: find an idiot on the Internet and call them stupid until I feel better. Today’s idiot comes to us courtesy of the PJ Lifestyle, offering up 7 Mistakes … Continue reading

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The Sandwich Means I Love You

A while ago, Captain Awkward wrote this following post about sandwiches, and love, and boundaries, and things. You should go read it. It is good post. The way you set boundaries around this is to accept what’s offered with grace and gratitude. … Continue reading

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Depression Part Four: Male-Pattern Depression

The core paradox of men and depression is this: women are more likely to be depressed; men are more likely to kill themselves. This makes literally no sense. Unless one is assuming a giant epidemic of men who wake up … Continue reading

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Strictly Moderated Open Thread: Men and Mental Illness

Next week I’m beginning a series on masculinity and depression, and to kick it off I thought I’d open up a thread about the men here’s experiences with being mentally ill. Anything from mild depression to being Baker Acted multiple times … Continue reading

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