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The Slob Thing

Q: What happens when a man puts a fresh roll of toilet paper onto the holder? A: Nobody knows; it’s never happened. Or, if you don’t like that joke, there are about a fucking billion exactly like it. Turn on … Continue reading

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Emotions: Threat or Menace?

Dozens of posts on this blog so far, and we haven’t talked directly about what I see as the most pervasively damaging issue affecting men in our culture. It’s the one at the root of many of the other problems … Continue reading

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Advertising Sins: Everything I Do Is Wrong

There’s this dreadful ad presently running: Now, from a pure-comedy standpoint, the computer-enhanced doofy expressions on the men’s faces really are pretty funny. They ain’t Mort Drucker, but as caricature goes they’re decent. Pretty much everything else in this is … Continue reading

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Horrible Bosses Somehow Even More Misandric

Those who have read about the misandry in the new alleged comedy Horrible Bosses may wonder if it is possible for Horrible Bosses to, in fact, top itself. The recently released TV spots, however, have shown that it has somehow … Continue reading

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Cool Post Over at Overthinking It About Potential “Romantic” Misandry in MTV’s New Teen-Werewolf Series

The post by Stokes examines the original kinda-sorta positive werewolf metaphors in the original 80’s version of the movie Teen Werewolf and compares it to the nastier Twilight inspired notion of teenage boys coping with urges to attack women. Not … Continue reading

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What I’m Doing Here

For my first post on this blog, I wanted to, like Ozymandias, state some of the basic principles I’m working with, and explain why I’m here. More and more, I hear people, mostly men, complaining about the unfathomable damage that … Continue reading

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