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Cracked on Misogyny

Hat tip to Psychonomics. TW for brief mentions of rape. Cracked has recently presented an article about the five ways modern men are trained to hate women, as part of its latest bid to be Feministe’s more ableist, more prone … Continue reading

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Census Bureau: Fathers Pretty Much Just Babysitters

Did you know that according to the Census Bureau fathers are just “child care”? It’s not baby-sitting when Daddy does it. Who wouldn’t agree with that? The U.S. Census Bureau, apparently. When both parents are present in the household, the … Continue reading

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Achievement Unlocked: Human Woman

I’ve been feeling a bit low just lately, what with it getting dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. It’s the kind of lifestyle in the kind of latitude where you realize that it’s entirely possible that you became a vampire … Continue reading

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Exploring Misandry in Video Games: Part 2, Do I really have to play as this jerk?

(See told you I’d come back to this) Edit: Here’s part 1 if anyone is interested    thank you to Tumbleweed in the comments for reminding me. I believe that characterisation is one of those pesky things modern gaming is … Continue reading

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Amber Cole and the Misandry of Low Expectations

Amber Cole is a fourteen-year-old girl. She performed oral sex on one boy while a second filmed her. There is some suggestion (for instance, by her father) that she might have been coerced; the boys responsible have been arrested. The … Continue reading

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Last Man Standing

There is exactly one circumstance in which I will watch Tim Allen’s new TV show, Last Man Standing. That circumstance is if I managed to recruit my cool gender egalitarian friends to have a drinking game where we would take … Continue reading

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A Fantastic Critique of Hanna Rosin’s “The End of Men”

Following on from Noah’s link to Linda Holmes’ piece about how the new American network TV season is a flood of eye-searing misandry like How to be a Gentlemen, Man Up and Last Man Standing: Quiet Riot Girl gives her take … Continue reading

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Ozy’s Law

Ozy and I were talking over what we’ve learned from hashing gender issues out on this blog, how writing about things has clarified our thinking, what answers we’ve been able to glean, what we’ve learned from discussing these matters with … Continue reading

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Everyone’s A Little Bit Sexist, Or More Than A Little

I read this interesting article from the Seattle Stranger, and it got me thinking once again about privilege. Give it a read and mull it over. As the article points out, we are none of us free of racism. You … Continue reading

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Femmephobia: Two Misconceptions

Mod Note: If you want to go argue about trans people and cissexism, argue on this thread. I have recently been doing a lot of posts about femmephobia, i.e., the cultural fear, hatred and devaluation of femininity (i.e. weakness, vulnerability … Continue reading

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