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The Modesty Doctrine

(You may be like “hey, where is Monday Roundup, that was my favorite part of the week?” If so, you are weird. Also, neither Noah or Ozy has much of anything new this week, as we were both busy. Noah’s … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Commercials, To Everyone’s Surprise, Sexist

In a shocking turn of events no one could have possibly predicted, the Superbowl ads this year were somewhat sexist. (Much thanks to Feministe, who watched the ads so I didn’t have to.)

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Myth of Men Not Being Hot/Beauty Myth Open Thread

I’m kinda lazy today, so I’ve decided to throw up an Open Thread and make you all do all the work. One of the ideas we talk about here at NSWATM a lot is the Myth of Men Not Being … Continue reading

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The Beauty Myth And The Success Myth: Ozy’s Law In Action

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I was talking with my brother, and we were bemoaning something I’ve bemoaned with other men on many occasions: the bloody impossibility of convincing the women we love that they’re beautiful. Those with a woman that they … Continue reading

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Twilight, Bieber, and Valentino

There is a subset of the female gaze that causes much kerfluffle amongst a lot of guys, and it tends to occur in an incredibly predictable pattern. Now, for purposes of this post, we will be assuming that female desire … Continue reading

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Dancing, Sexualization and the Myth of Men Not Being Hot

My friend Summer, she who previously proposed the virginity thread,┬áis rapidly becoming NSWATM’s leading provider of interesting post ideas. Lots of videos below the cut; skip if on a slow connection

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Big Fellas And Fashion

Courtesy of ocelot in the open thread, check out this article in New York Magazine about the nonexistence of plus-size male models in fashion. Note phrasing: not dearth, not paucity, not lack of exposure, nonexistence. (As with so much else … Continue reading

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Open Thread: Virginity and Men

A friend of mine and I were talking about men’s views of virginity, and she was like “gosh, well, it’s not like you have a masculism blog where you can discuss this topic and gather a variety of opinions from … Continue reading

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Halloween: Dan Savage Has Points, Misses Points

So I read Dan Savage’s article on Halloween, and I’ve been ruminating on it, particularly in light of my previous criticism of “sexy” Halloween costumes. The short version of Dan’s piece is that we should embrace sexy costumes, because Halloween … Continue reading

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Halloween Costumes

My Halloween costume this year is simple and inexpensive: Lex Luthor. The key components of this costume are a red silk tie in a full Windsor knot, because Luthor is the kind of asshole who always has to win every … Continue reading

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