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Queer Men and Eating Disorders

I recently came across an interesting study about the risk of eating disorders among queer men. Queer men are much more likely than straight men to acquire eating disorders: the authors theorize that this is because queer men tend to prize … Continue reading

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Human Rights Abuses and Rape of Men

Trigger warning for discussion of rape.  I linked this in one of my roundups of information about rape a few days ago, but I think it’s interesting enough that I want to delve into it a little deeper. The article addresses the … Continue reading

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What Men Like In Bed

Noah posted yesterday on hegemonic heterosexuality and the Cult of Shitty Relationships. In this post I’d like to pick out one thread of it to discuss. Specifically, the archetypical, hegemonic idea of what men want in bed. I was prompted … Continue reading

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Okay, Seriously, Why Is One of America’s Most Decent Politicians A Comedian?

We have two good pieces of American legislative news for you. First, the FBI has officially changed their definition of rape (used primarily for statistical purposes) to include male survivors and those who were raped non-forcibly or non-vaginally. Although still … Continue reading

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Niagara Falls High School Student Ordered To Remove Heels

(Hat tip to Womanist Musings.) Maye showed up one day at his Niagara Falls high school in red stilettos. Not even one period into the school day, the teachers ordered him to take his high heels off. Maye refused, saying that … Continue reading

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World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS Day.* It has been three decades since the first young gay men started getting Kaposi’s sarcoma. Many people, including me, have never lived in a world where sex couldn’t kill you. 33 million people across the … Continue reading

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Jonathan Kay and The Exciting Adventure Into The Land of Confounding Variables

Admittedly I have only read one article by Jonathan Kay. For all I know, he’s won Nobel Prizes in multiple disciplines in his spare time from writing Pulitzer-Prize-winning articles about the national debt, programming open-source software, working as a UN translator and directing … Continue reading

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