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Hate Crimes Against Men of Color

Hey, do you notice anything interesting about this article about nine hate crimes directed against people of color? Let’s see here. Four young black men, black man, black man, shooting that included a black man and an Asian man, black … Continue reading

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Racialicious on Walking While Black

Racialicious has an excellent post on walking while black. I have felt like Trayvon Martin. Many many times while walking at night, being pulled over by police, being told that I’m not supposed to ‘be.’ My ‘being’ in a space has … Continue reading

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Racialicious on Black Men and Sports

Racialicious hits it out of the park again with an article on black men and sports as a way of coping with their pain: Why is it that so many young black men still search for safety, solace, and a sense … Continue reading

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On Trayvon Martin

The Million Hoodie March in protest of the death of Trayvon Martin was today, so it’s a good opportunity to reflect on the injustice of his death. The details of Trayvon’s death are simple: Trayvon Martin, carrying Skittles and an … Continue reading

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Harrowing Video About Male Abuse Survivor

(Hat tip to n1l0c2501.) Trigger warning for explicit depictions of abuse. Minor spoilers for the short film Life’s Poison, embedded at the bottom of the post.   I was recently pointed to Life’s Poison, a powerful short film made for the … Continue reading

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Social Justice 101 Part One: I Blame the Kyriarchy

I have decided it has been entirely too long since I wrote a giant-ass series. (Yes, people in the back, I can hear you groaning.) In short, I now think it is time for a giant-ass series about my premises … Continue reading

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Troy Davis

On Wednesday, Troy Davis, a man who may well have been innocent of the crime for which he was convicted, was executed. Troy Davis was accused of killing Mark MacPhail, a Georgia police officer. Seven of the nine principal prosecution eyewitnesses changed all or … Continue reading

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