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I’ll Show Them All

In fiction, one often runs across villains who want to literally end the world. Destroy all humanity, wipe everything out, bam. No more people, no more civilization. As a boy, I didn’t really understand this impulse; I mean, what’s to … Continue reading

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Hoisting Petards and the Patriarchy

Have you ever heard the phrase “hoist by his own petard”? As in the sentence “Newt Gingrich was hoist by his own petard: his general douchebaggery has probably cost him the presidency”? Do you have any idea what a petard … Continue reading

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Nice Guys Part One: I Was A Nice Girl

My name is Ozy, and I was a Nice Girl ™. I had tangled, unbrushed hair that fell limply to my shoulders; my skin was a pizza crust of acne; my glasses were unflattering; I wore stained and torn clothes. … Continue reading

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Open Thread: Virginity and Men

A friend of mine and I were talking about men’s views of virginity, and she was like “gosh, well, it’s not like you have a masculism blog where you can discuss this topic and gather a variety of opinions from … Continue reading

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Thinking About “Creep”

Mod Note: The topic of this post is problems with the term “creep,” using “creep” in a non-gendered manner and creating a reasonable person standard for creepiness. The topic of this post is not feminism. Please take anything about feminism to the Open Thread.    … Continue reading

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Advertising Sins: Everything I Do Is Wrong

There’s this dreadful ad presently running: Now, from a pure-comedy standpoint, the computer-enhanced doofy expressions on the men’s faces really are pretty funny. They ain’t Mort Drucker, but as caricature goes they’re decent. Pretty much everything else in this is … Continue reading

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