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Fifties Purity Advice

For a class, I had to scan several pages of a 1957 sexuality advice guide for Protestant engaged and married couples. I figured that while I had them scanned I might as well share them with the general public. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Purity Balls

Hat tip to Christa. So, purity balls! Purity balls are gross. I don’t think I know a single feminist who doesn’t think that purity balls are gross. It takes what is actually a kind of lovely idea (a dad and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Seeking the Straight and Narrow

Recently, thanks to the fabulous Clarisse Thorn, the University of Chicago Press has sent me a whole bunch of books, which I shall now proceed to review! (I assume that all this is the University of Chicago’s attempt to apologize … Continue reading

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A Christian Writes About Sexual Damage

Trigger warning for sexual mutilation and rape. Linksurfing around, I came across this remarkable and moving little memoir about growing up inĀ  a household where the parents followed the teachings of a particularly popular fundamentalist guru with a real fixation … Continue reading

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On Libido, part two

[Full disclosure: I have published portions of this post elsewhere while researching libidos for a different project.] Having nattered on a bit about cultural conceptions of libido and how it affects men, I wanted to go a little deeper into … Continue reading

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