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Strictly Moderated: #MenCallMeThings

Mod Note: If your comment takes the form “this is the Internet, everyone experiences harassment”, “these women should just suck it up when people send them rape threats”, “everything Sady Doyle has ever done is now invalid because she said some unwise, inflammatory things on … Continue reading

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Social Justice 101 Part One: I Blame the Kyriarchy

I have decided it has been entirely too long since I wrote a giant-ass series. (Yes, people in the back, I can hear you groaning.) In short, I now think it is time for a giant-ass series about my premises … Continue reading

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Everyone’s A Little Bit Sexist, Or More Than A Little

I read this interesting article from the Seattle Stranger, and it got me thinking once again about privilege. Give it a read and mull it over. As the article points out, we are none of us free of racism. You … Continue reading

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Sexism Against Men: A Pictoral Tour

(Hat tip to This Is Hysteria and Sociological Images.) Warning, lotsa pictures after the cut, people with crappy computers beware.

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Femmephobia: Two Misconceptions

Mod Note: If you want to go argue about trans people and cissexism, argue on this thread. I have recently been doing a lot of posts about femmephobia, i.e., the cultural fear, hatred and devaluation of femininity (i.e. weakness, vulnerability … Continue reading

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Why We Fight

Figleaf’s thought-provoking post on perceived masculinity got linked to by none other than Ann Althouse yesterday, in case any of our regular readers were wondering why the comments to that post contained much more troglodytic bullshit than usual. Thing is, … Continue reading

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Holding on to the good: in praise of masculinity, femininity, and everything “normal”

As people interested in gender equality, we (justifiably!) spend a lot of time criticizing The Way Things Are. Which is great! Part of the way things are undeniably sucks, and could be better. However, in doing all this, we can … Continue reading

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Advertising Sins: Summer’s Eve

Tireless commenter typhonblue suggested someone do a post on this ad for the Summer’s Eve line of vaginal cleansers: Shit, how can I resist a big, slow-moving target like that?

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Cocks Rock Part Four: Mysterious Genitals

“Women are so complicated! They have nipples and breasts that sometimes they like having sucked or played with and sometimes they don’t. The clitoris is just fucking impossible to locate. Some of them get off on PIV, but a lot of them … Continue reading

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Media Gender Roles: WTF?

There’s an interesting disconnect in perceptions of how men are presented on TV. Feminists look at TV and see that the heroes and most of the other characters are overwhelmingly men, and say “That’s misogynist!” Sensitive men look at TV … Continue reading

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