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How dare you make time for your children, Mr Deputy Prime Minister!

Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrat party and deputy Prime Minister for Great Britain, was in the news today because he is apparently “killing himself” trying to balance the stress of working such a demanding job with being a … Continue reading

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Masculinity and illness

As ever, images of maleness are contradictory. No matter what one does as a fella, one is doing it wrong according to somebody. So one stereotype about men and illness is that guys always try to tough it out and … Continue reading

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Semi-Open Thread: Gettin’ Laid

In a lot of discussions in the comments of late, things have turned to the topic of gettin’ laid. There are some nasty memes about both genders — men are just looking for a warm hole to stick it in, … Continue reading

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The Fourth of July

As Americans enjoy fireworks, flags and picnics, it is important to take a moment to remember the military currently engaged in hostilities in five countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya and Yemen). The weight of military service falls equally on most demographics: the racial … Continue reading

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The Great Glass Escalator

(Much of the material for this post comes from David J. Maume Jr.’s 1999 work “Glass Ceilings and Glass Escalators,” because that’s the one in my Work Organization textbook. More recent citations gratefully accepted.) According to analysis of the PSID (Panel … Continue reading

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Duke Nukem Forever’s failure might finally bring about a change in the way male gamers are portrayed in the media

For those that don’t know, Duke Nukem Forever is the much-belated sequel to the 1996 game Duke Nukem 3D, which sold reasonably well and garnered enough interest that a sequel — the aforementioned Duke Nukem Forever — was planned. It … Continue reading

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Hegemonic Masculinity

As some of you may be aware, I’m a sociology major. Sociology majors have a bad habit of using words that make sense to other sociology majors, but make the entire rest of the fucking world tilt their heads and … Continue reading

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Sluts, Studs, and Creeps

To continue the general recent thread of talking about male sexuality, I would like to highly recommend Clarisse Thorn’s article entitled “Men Don’t Deserve the Word ‘Creep’“. It addresses the ways in which male sexuality is often made out to … Continue reading

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The Sexual Marketplace Is A Misandric Idea

(hat tip to the Pervocracy) Recently, the Washington Times has run one of the most sexist dating articles (and that is saying something) it has been my  distinct misfortune to see. I’m not linking to them, because I don’t want to give … Continue reading

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Who Cares About Men’s Rights?

I do. I care about every boy that was ever called a fag or a pussy or a sissy for being emotional, or sensitive, or unathletic, or just not manly enough. I care about the boys who are afraid they’ll lose their … Continue reading

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