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UW-Madison Athletic Official Investigated for Sexual Assault

Hat tip to Geo, and trigger warning for explicit description of sexual assault.  John Chadima, former senior associate athletic director at UW-Madison, is being investigated for the sexual assault of a male student.

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Male Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

I recently came across (possibly via Scarleteen) this awesome report about male adolescent sexual health within the primary care setting. According to the study, male sexual health is quite often overlooked within the clinical setting. Pediatricians are three times more likely … Continue reading

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Getting Involved in Sexual Violence Work While Male

If you’ve been around the blogosphere for longer than five minutes, you may have noticed recurring discussions on sexual violence and feminist related blogs related to the need for men need to step up and take a bigger role in … Continue reading

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Triggery Example of How Harsher False-Reporting Laws Increase the Likelihood of False Reports of Sexual Assault

Note: This post contains graphic quotes from a newspaper article about things a serial rapist did to some of his victims.  If that bothers you you’ll want to skip this post. You know that often-cited statistic that half of all … Continue reading

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Schrodinger’s Rapist: Yes, We Have To Talk About This Again

Schrodinger’s Rapist is not about “all men are rapists.” It is not even about “all men are potential rapists.” All men are, in fact, potential rapists, in much the same sense as all women are potential rapists, and all brunettes … Continue reading

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How Revenge Of The Nerds Ruined My Life

[Trigger warning: Rape as comedy, rape culture. Also, this gets a bit personal and ranty. You might want to get comfortable.] I first saw Revenge Of The Nerds on home video, back when you could rent a VHS player in … Continue reading

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Horrifying story about the rape of men

Trigger warning for wartime rape. The Guardian has a horrific story about the underreporting of rape in African wartime conflicts, in which it is endemic, and the complete lack of support for male survivors. It is for this reason that … Continue reading

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