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Sexual Harassment Policies On Campus

Recently, I was involved in an effort to revise my college’s sexual harassment, rape, and abuse policies, which means that I spent like eighty hours sitting in various rooms having meetings with people. (And also the policy is 100% gender-neutral … Continue reading

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Once again, I’m pondering the definition of “creep” and the creation of a Reasonable Person Standard… (Obvious Disclaimer, again: if you ever feel creeped out by a situation, the first thing to do is to get out of the creepy … Continue reading

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Thinking About “Creep”

Mod Note: The topic of this post is problems with the term “creep,” using “creep” in a non-gendered manner and creating a reasonable person standard for creepiness. The topic of this post is not feminism. Please take anything about feminism to the Open Thread.    … Continue reading

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Schrodinger’s Rapist: Yes, We Have To Talk About This Again

Schrodinger’s Rapist is not about “all men are rapists.” It is not even about “all men are potential rapists.” All men are, in fact, potential rapists, in much the same sense as all women are potential rapists, and all brunettes … Continue reading

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Sexual Harassment and Men

(hat tip to 2ndnin) A week ago, Shakesville had a very interesting post about the invisibility of certain women in sexual harassment: It is a conversation I’ve had before with trans women, with fat cis women, women with noticeable physical … Continue reading

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