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Can’t Geeks All Get Along?

(TW for mentions of violence, bullying and suicide) About a year and a half ago, a story broke about a little girl who was teased for having a Star Wars water bottle because Star Wars “is for boys.” The geek … Continue reading

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Melissa Harris-Perry on Dress Codes for Black Safety

About a week ago on MSNBC (look, I am totally awesome at Breaking News), the fabulous Melissa Harris-Perry presented a list of guidelines for clothing for black male safety. Finally, black men everywhere will know exactly how to dress to … Continue reading

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On Trayvon Martin

The Million Hoodie March in protest of the death of Trayvon Martin was today, so it’s a good opportunity to reflect on the injustice of his death. The details of Trayvon’s death are simple: Trayvon Martin, carrying Skittles and an … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum Is Full Of Santorum

In his latest attempt to double down on his right-wing-religious-asshole bet, Rick Santorum has clarified his position on abortion in cases of rape: rape’s bad, but if you get pregnant from it, hey, free baby! Who’d want to turn that … Continue reading

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Disney Masculinity

This is an extremely interesting video about masculinity in Disney films.

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Horrifying Story of Assaulted Trans Man

Trigger warning for the violent assault of a trans man. From Tumblr, we have this lovely story of a trans man, James Alexander, who was violently assaulted for being trans. (Warning: link contains pictures of his facial injuries. They’re harrowing.)

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Interesting post on bullying and masculinity

In reeling drunkenly from one blog to another, I stumbled across this charming post over at Post-Modern Enlightenment, in which the author takes down a pro-bullying article by a right-winger. Yes, people write pro-bullying articles. Yeah, I don’t fucking know … Continue reading

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