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Ozymandias is a pansexual genderqueer poly atheist democratic socialist and radical gender egalitarian, which means zie is destroying America about twelve times over. In her copious spare time, zie enjoys learning dead languages, reading Neil Gaiman novels and hanging out on the Manboobz chattybox. Zie is majoring in sociology at a tiny liberal arts college full of hippies. The only interesting part of zir life is zir love life, which zie requires a chart to keep track of. It is zir firm belief that every problem can be solved with tea. Zie has a Twitter to indulge zir delusion that anyone cares about zir life.

Author, editor, raconteur, and man-about-town Noah Brand is not presently wanted by the law, which is probably the most that can be said for him. When not writing screenplays or novels or blog posts or anything else that will hold still long enough, he is known as a small-time grifter and notorious gentleman of easy virtue. He hopes to one day employ slang that postdates the 1930s.

Aliaras is a giant nerd. Kinky, queer, and poly, she loves thinking about things and poking at them to see how they work. She’s currently in college learning the secrets of the universe (physics). While not arguing over the internet, she blows pixels up, draws, writes, cooks, and wanders around making the world a weirder place.

Marc is a gray asexual with a open mind and a love of loud music, the NY Giants, sparkly nail polish, fruity ciders (as well as any other alcoholic beverage you care to mention) and retrogameing who thinks about Deadpool way more than is humanly healthy. He would like to believe he is a gender egalitarian pro feminist who feels strongly about issues facing men. Oh, he would also genuinely like to see the phrase “man up” disappear from the human lexicon.

Figleaf is a prudish libertine who writes about the sociology and politics of sex, relationships and gender at  He’s a stay-at-home dad, he’s been interested in feminism since roughly 1972 and in men’s issues since 1974.

Kaija is a laissez fair straight woman and social democrat of the Scandinavian sort who enjoys passionate analytical discussion, good books, and odd people.  She works at the intersection of life/physical sciences doing research in biophysics while stubbornly insisting on maintaining outside interests  and activities in sports, performing arts, gaming, politics, gender issues, and social justice.

Cheradenine is yet another kinky poly thing — you’d think there was a production line — and a gender-egalitarian old enough to have been around when the country first elected a female leader. Living in the UK and yet to find a comfortable gender-descriptor (though “genderfluid” comes closest), Cheradenine spends much of life being either both or neither of things where “everybody knows” you have to be one or the other — and, in that vein, is neither a feminist nor a masculist, in the belief that human rights are not a team sport.

Hershele Ostropoler was a trickster folk hero in the 18th century Ukranian Jewish community. Today it is the superhero identity of a sarcastic Ashkenazi writer from Brooklyn who under his real name has been a sporadic contributor to a number of blogs, one of them entirely his. He has been cheeky to the mayor of New York.

Holly Pervocracy is kinky, poly, feminist, uncertain what gender even is, but more or less some sort of female.  She advocates for complete gender equality as a preliminary step before our society is ready for complete gender indifference.  She writes about sex and feminism and all that other stuff at The Pervocracy.

Ami Angelwings is a sports-loving, Asian-Canadian trans-girl comic geek (extraordinaire). She’s also a social worker in her secret identity and advocates and works towards more inclusive spaces and policies in social services for all people regardless of gender or gender identity or sexuality or anything else. She blogs about social issues and geek stuff at Ami Angelwings’ Super Cute Rants of DOOOM XD and also runs Escher Girls a tumblr of the ridiculous anatomy and poses that comic artists draw female characters in.

6 Responses to Contributor Bios

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  2. Just one question: where can I find Doctor Mindbeam’s posts on this blog?

  3. ozymandias42 says:

    Jose: Unfortunately DMB left the blog and deleted all his posts.

  4. RaeBeta says:

    Holy shit. Hershele Ostropoler, your handle makes me go all warm and fuzzy and happy. I grew up on those stories.

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