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Nice Guys Part Two: Defining the Nice Guy(tm)

I think one of the biggest problems with talking about Nice Guys™ (I’m using the term gender-inclusively) is that there are several different kinds of people who fall under the Nice Guy™ umbrella. Admittedly, some forms of Nice Guy™ will … Continue reading

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Scientific Study of PUA Techniques

Science Daily has an interesting press release from new research about pick-up artistry. Turns out that pick-up techniques do work… on sexist women. Hall and Canterberry set out to understand the characteristics of men who use aggressive court-ship strategies, based on speed … Continue reading

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“She’s Not Out Of Your League”

This post complements some stuff that came up in comments to Ozy’s post about objectification.  The theme there was between the reception of catcalls vs. face-to-face conversation initiation.  The theme here is about the difference between strong or repeated compliments … Continue reading

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The Sexual Marketplace Is A Misandric Idea

(hat tip to the Pervocracy) Recently, the Washington Times has run one of the most sexist dating articles (and that is saying something) it has been my  distinct misfortune to see. I’m not linking to them, because I don’t want to give … Continue reading

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