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Cracked on Misogyny

Hat tip to Psychonomics. TW for brief mentions of rape. Cracked has recently presented an article about the five ways modern men are trained to hate women, as part of its latest bid to be Feministe’s more ableist, more prone … Continue reading

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Hegemonic Heterosexuality

We’ve talked before about hegemonic masculinity, the constant societal drumbeat of nonsense about what a man is supposed to be. Tall, successful, competitive, into sports, violent, et cetera ad nauseam. What I’ve been thinking about lately is how this fits … Continue reading

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Achievement Unlocked: Human Woman

I’ve been feeling a bit low just lately, what with it getting dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. It’s the kind of lifestyle in the kind of latitude where you realize that it’s entirely possible that you became a vampire … Continue reading

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Nice Guys Part Two: Defining the Nice Guy(tm)

I think one of the biggest problems with talking about Nice Guys™ (I’m using the term gender-inclusively) is that there are several different kinds of people who fall under the Nice Guy™ umbrella. Admittedly, some forms of Nice Guy™ will … Continue reading

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Last Man Standing

There is exactly one circumstance in which I will watch Tim Allen’s new TV show, Last Man Standing. That circumstance is if I managed to recruit my cool gender egalitarian friends to have a drinking game where we would take … Continue reading

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The Right to Say No

Feministe has been posting recently about men who don’t like particular sex acts, namely, period sex and cunnilingus. Everyone has the right to say no. This includes men. For what it was worth, I think Jill did make a gesture towards there … Continue reading

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Ozy’s Law

Ozy and I were talking over what we’ve learned from hashing gender issues out on this blog, how writing about things has clarified our thinking, what answers we’ve been able to glean, what we’ve learned from discussing these matters with … Continue reading

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Everyone’s A Little Bit Sexist, Or More Than A Little

I read this interesting article from the Seattle Stranger, and it got me thinking once again about privilege. Give it a read and mull it over. As the article points out, we are none of us free of racism. You … Continue reading

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Femmephobia: Two Misconceptions

Mod Note: If you want to go argue about trans people and cissexism, argue on this thread. I have recently been doing a lot of posts about femmephobia, i.e., the cultural fear, hatred and devaluation of femininity (i.e. weakness, vulnerability … Continue reading

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Boys Got It Even Worse Than Men

Just got alerted to this lovely post over at Jezebel, a man musing on the difficulty of raising a boy amid the gender-policing traps that lurk everywhere. The author notes that there is a serious disconnect in how we look … Continue reading

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