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Hugo Schwyzer!

Hugo Schwyzer has been very unpopular lately. A quick summary for those of us who don’t follow giant Internet slapfights while giggling: it started with Feministe, where the fabulous Clarisse Thorn cross-posted her interview with Hugo Schwyzer from Role/Reboot. The … Continue reading

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Feministe on the Hotness of Gender-Non-Conforming Men

Rebecca Katherine Hirsch, guest-blogging at Feministe, has a really awesome post on the hotness of gender-non-conformity. Quotes and commentary and stuff below the cut.

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The Right to Say No

Feministe has been posting recently about men who don’t like particular sex acts, namely, period sex and cunnilingus. Everyone has the right to say no. This includes men. For what it was worth, I think Jill did make a gesture towards there … Continue reading

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On Sexual Objectification

Via Feministe, we have a really startling example of misandry from some gentleman at Aggie Catholics: Something I never really wanted to post about, but feel I have to, because I don’t think that young women quite understand the problem. Yesterday … Continue reading

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