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Hoisting Petards and the Patriarchy

Have you ever heard the phrase “hoist by his own petard”? As in the sentence “Newt Gingrich was hoist by his own petard: his general douchebaggery has probably cost him the presidency”? Do you have any idea what a petard … Continue reading

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Kay Hymowitz: Terrible Person or Worst Person?

Explaining what’s wrong with articles by Kay “guys should man up” Hymowitz is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel entirely full of salted herring. Nevertheless, I am in a ranty mood, so.

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Why Pink Nail Polish Is A Masculist Issue

Why the fuck can’t men wear pink nail polish? I have never actually been able to get a good answer to this. The conversation along those lines goes something like “because they’ll get laughed at,” and when I ask why they … Continue reading

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The Great Glass Escalator

(Much of the material for this post comes from David J. Maume Jr.’s 1999 work “Glass Ceilings and Glass Escalators,” because that’s the one in my Work Organization textbook. More recent citations gratefully accepted.) According to analysis of the PSID (Panel … Continue reading

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